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Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Snowy Saturday

Today I'm sitting at home, sipping a cup of coffee and watching the snow trying to fall from the cloudy sky. I'm listening to Gordon Lightfoot on the station I have pulled up. It's a mellow day. My cat is perched on top of the kitchen cupboards watching the snow, too. I love Spring in the Rockies, when the snow flakes get bigger, the weather gets warmer, and I get to be more optimistic about my coming summer.

The time I spent in the HomeBase has been bittersweet. It's a luxury to be able to shower and use the restroom at any time, and I don't take these novelties for granted. But the converse is that I now am starting to feel tied down, grounded, and too comfortable. I've gained weight. I eat too well too easily. I spend my free time watching DVDs instead of staying acquainted with my friends and being outside. I'm not really seeing anything new, and while I'm happy to have what I do, I'm also saddened to have lost what I have had. As I said, bittersweet.

I'm optimistic, though. Very optimistic. I've recently undergone some soul treatments, and I feel like I'm in a better place altogether. I feel like I've accomplished more in these past few years than I would have thought possible before the BattleWagon experiment started. Now is just a time to assess my thoughts and keep the momentum going.

Thank all of you who have read this since I started. I hope to keep going for the foreseeable future, but I can't do it without those of you who are interested and especially without those of you who have been a part of this journey.

I love the Spring.
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