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Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Lackluster Blizzard of 2010

Yesterday, it snowed all day, and I was optimistic that this weekend was going to be a snowy heaven, where everyone's cars are stuck, the roads are slick, and meetings and appointments are cancelled. No such luck. Today, I woke up to the sun shining brightly, the temperature already in the 20s, and the roads moist, but drying. Oh, well. Time to move to the east coast, perhaps?

Today I have my first official meeting as an Entered Apprentice in Freemasonry's Le Droit Humain. I'm excited, as I was initiated in December with high hopes of success. The comradery, respect, and friendship that the Masons have for each other is something I could really use in my personal life right now, with work being the way it is, my good friend Lyss having a baby over two months early, my relationship with my sister all but gone, and my parents, as a result, out of touch.

Ah, but life is good, all things considered, and I feel I have a chance to earn back some of the karma points I've lost in previous years. October is right around the corner, and the new BattleWagon, while definitely not a snow-worthy stallion, is spacious and worthy of a life with me in residence. The world is a big place, and I have things to see and do before my time expires. I realize it's much too early for me to ponder these things, but I've found in my travels a respect for the small amount of time we all are given to enjoy this blue marble for what it is. There are friends to be made, sights to be seen, dreams and aspirations that have to be realized. While we all have faith in different things, we each have a religion built inside us, where we are Gods and controllers of our own destiny. To waste or squander this gift would seem like a shame.