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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

THOUGHTS: Whistling Birds and Sunny Fog

The mind is powerful. When it's awake, it simultaneously keeps your body running and interprets so much information into understandable terms. It allows us to exchange those terms with other people and absorb even more information. When it's asleep, it's even busier, taking our souls to different realities, taking our perceptions flying through blue skies or naked in cafeterias or riding insanely giant bicycles.

It can be controlled.

Monks and shamans of many, many different disciplines have traned the mind to perform miracles of self-healing, stamina, kindness, and love. To believe that any of us aren't born with the same tools is disappointing. Each of us was given these gifts at birth, and many of us, at times, only begin to tap into their potential.  We sometimes do nice things for people at certain times of year, when the mood warrants.

What we do not achieve is the knowledge that we can do these things all of the time, every waking moment.

This morning, I sit here, outside, basking in the sunny fog and drinking a cup of coffee, wondering what my impact could be today, and comparing that to what my day will very likely actually consist of. It is somewhat daunting, but being aware of it only improves the chances that I will be somewhat successful in changing my dynamic.

The coffee starts to kick in, and I go with positive thoughts. Prayer, in my way, has been gently touched upon. Today will be better.