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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So Much To See, So Little Time...

I woke up Sunday morning after my first night in the new BattleWagon, and I drove down to one of my favorite spots, the spot where I can see all of the ships come in, the seaplanes come and go, the birds diving for little fish on the water. You can also see downtown Ketchikan from here, when it's not obscured by the massive ships that hog the view. Sunday morning, it was slightly foggy. I thought it would be a beautiful day for a hike, so I set off.

I went northwest on the island towards Ward Lake, where I stopped and walked up a trail for a while. Near Ward Lake is a place in the forest that I like to describe like someone opened a giant can of moss and poured it all over the forest floor. The trees are thick and the sun doesn't shine through it too much. After walking around there, I noticed that the moss was also poured all over the branches and stumps and fallen trees of the forest. It's a pretty spectacular rain forest up here. I also noticed that there was a very strong smell. I later found out this is skunk cabbage, and where it grows, it comes up in patches. The huge, single, yellow petals make the landscape look like something out of a Star Wars movie. It's very cool.

After that, I kept driving, further into the island. I followed the road until the pavement ended, and then kept going until the maintenence ended. I wound up driving as far as I felt comfortable on an old logging road, and it was amazing how much the landscape changed. Before I knew it, I was in country that almost looked familar. It almost looked like Colorado. I was stunned.

Then I drove back in town, and I took some pictures of the signs I've helped to install since I've been here. Some of them were really cool. The neat thing about working in a small town is that you really get to see the fruits of your labors. In Denver, I saw what I had made, but only to a small degree. Here, I see it all the time!

I also grabbed a good shot of the ship at the dock next to a bus. It really shows just how massive these cruise ships are. I'd much rather have a raft or a skiff or something. But then again, a raft doesn't come with room service.

Life so far is great here. I just wish everyone was here with me. Hence this blog is here for a reason.

Alaskan Humor

My new co-workers suggested I put some hot, flashy, pimpin graphics on my new BattleWagon. Bear in mind I work at a graphics shop, and independently and with the shop, we've done tons of high-end vehicle wraps. That being said, I thought this was a creative homage to some of the greatest times in TV sitcom history... the generic food and beverage boxes. It's still making me laugh!

Alaska Rain

I woke up to, and consequently, was gently rocked back to sleep by a nice, constant Alaska rain. It's not like Colorado where it will typically rain a few minutes or maybe a few hours and then quit. This rain has been constantly drumming down for a while now, and I have a feeling that it will keep going all day. The high for the day is 45, and the forecast simply says "Rain". I do love the rain, and this is a good fit for me. I'm excited to have the opportunity to raise a family up here someday. It looks like this could be a long-term thing, especially if I get a boat to explore in. Maybe the BattleSkiff Chronicles is in our future?