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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RADIO: Happiness: We're All In It Together

Tonight I read an exerpt from a blog I posted a little while back. Since it's difficult for me to post everything on Facebook via text messaging, I figure i'd just skip the middleman and post a playlist on the blog itself. Here's what I'm playing tonight:

Interpol "Take You On A Cruise"
We vs. Death "Mother and Father and Me"
The Helium Arch "Countdown"
Ulrich Schnauss "A Letter from Home"
The American Dollar "Shadows"
Dashboard Confessional "The End of an Anchor (UK Bonus)"
Caspian "Of Foam and Wave"
El Ten Eleven "Bye Mom"
Cloudkicker "Everthing's Mirrors"
Explosions in the Sky "Last Known Surroundings"
Death Cab For Cutie "Stable Song"
Maserati "There Will Always Be Someone Behind You"
The Mercury Program "The Church of Cause and Effect"
This Will Destroy You "Happiness: We're All In It Together"
Incubus "Echo"
Mogwai "Killing All The Files"
Ratatat "Nostrand"
Sasha "Requiem"
Saxon Shore "How We Conquered The Western World on Horseback"
Band of Horses "For Annabelle"
Tickles "Today The Sky Is Blue And Has A Spectacular View"
Tired Tape Machine "Like Glass"
Pinback "Bloods On Fire"
Tortoise "Monica"
Tristeza "Macrame"

That rounds out the show tonight. I'm looking to start interviews with post-rock/ambient artists on the show soon. Keep listening and enjoy he awesomeness!