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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Winter's Last Stand

It's the fourteenth of March, a special day in my world for reasons I'll choose to keep to myself for the time being. I've spent a majority of my waking hours today supporting a good friend in the hospital. The complexities of our friendship not withstanding, I feel proud to have chosen to be the only person around. Her family lives out of state. Her friends are busy. I, the loner, seem to have ample time to waste, so it's nice to spend it wisely for once.

The snow fell this morning, and the clock jumped forward an hour. I watched the flakes fall from the third floor window. I'm grateful that it snowed at all, this winter being as mild and dry as it has been. It seems all the snow skipped over the Mile High City and chose, instead, to bury the City of Brotherly Love, the Big Apple, and the nation's Capitol.

Bloodwork and monitors, movies and blogs, lunch and magnesium sulfate, labwork and ultrasounds. Hospitals seem to be a black hole that eat time and all sense of direction.  They seem to be the converse accompaniment to snowy weather.