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Monday, December 31, 2012

RADIO: Happy New Year Colorado!!!

It has been one hell of a spectacular 2012.  In lots of ways, a very good year.  In other ways, I've found myself wishing that the whole Mayan prophesy had been correct.  Bah, humbug.  At any rate, here's an opportunity for us to go on and make an honest year out of 2013.

2012 has set us back in a lot of ways.  Still stinging are the surreal massacres in Minnesota, Colorado, and Connecticut, where people who had no access to healthcare but plenty of access to weaponry committed atrocities that shouldn't have had any place in our society. Yet, there they were.  Right in front of everyone.

2012 saw us continuing wars in countries that we had all but forgotten about.  Yes, we're still at war with Afghanistan, but then again, we have troops in Iraq, we're still, after 5 decades, technically at war with North Korea, and we're at war with ourselves, with congress having voted to label the United States a battlefield, giving the government the right to detain whoever they wish without question or due process.

2012 also saw people in Washington and Colorado speak out for legalization and regulation of marijuana, which was unprecedented and wonderful, as perhaps it's a sign that the people realize the War on Drugs has been about as successful as Prohibition was almost 100 years ago.

But 2012 is all but gone.  2013 has already arrived in parts of the world.  We have the power to make it a better year, but it's on each of us.  We can't make the world a better place until we can make ourselves better people.  We need to spread compassion and joy and love.  Share them like we have way too much to keep for ourselves.

That being said, I'm sharing my time, my radio show tonight, with my friends back home in Colorado.  I'm playing music from there, and when the ball drops there, it'll be 10:00 here, right in the middle of the show.  So, Colorado people, enjoy... this episode of the B-Dub Chronic is for you.

Flobots "Rise"
Tickle Me Pink "Typical"
My Body Sings Electric "Oceancrest"
Five Iron Frenzy "The Greatest Story Ever told"
3OH!3 "Don't Trust Me"
Gabrielle Louise "On Account of Me"
The Fray "How to Save A Life"
The Essence "Dream On"
Five Iron Frenzy "Oh, Canada"
Chemestry Club "Bend to Colors"
Reno Divorce "Lovers Leap"
Gabrielle Louise "Don't Be Hasty"
The Helium Arch "Lost, But Free"
Royal Dead "Death Cycle"
Devotchka "All The Sand In All The Sea"
Joe Nicholson "It's Raining Progs!"
The Darning Needle "For Grandmother"
Tickle Me Pink "Madeline"
Mahatma "Me Siento Bien"
Gabrielle Louise "Until The Morning"
Flobots "Stand Up"
Michal Menert & Break Science "All Eyes On You"
The Helium Arch "Entering Capricorn"
The Fray "You Found Me"
Flobots "Handlebars"

So, Colorado, get down, kiss someone you love, and if it's a stranger, kiss them like you love them, too.  You never know what 2013 will bring...

Monday, December 24, 2012

RADIO: News and the Christmas Eve Playlist

The past few months have been a crazy mess of craziness.  Yes, that's redundant, but the layers and layers of chaos that have been permeating through all of this have just been a hectic mess.

At any rate, the radio show is tonight.  The playlist is as follows:

Maserati: "Monoliths"
Ratatat: "Lex'
The Darning Needle: "For Grandmother"
The Album Leaf: "Always For You"
Caspian: "Last Rites"
Massive Attack: "Teardrop"
Modest Mouse: "Float On"
We vs. Death: "Snow Cushioned The Fall"
Matisyahu: "Time Of Your Song"
Mice Parade: "Mystery Brethren"
The Echelon Effect: "Tracking Aeroplanes"
Sevendust: "Xmas Day"
Tristeza: "Aurora Borealis"
Band of Horses: "I Go to the Barn Because I Like The..."
Aberrant Corallary: "A Beginning Among Millions"
Oasis: "Champagne Supernova"
Saxon Shore: "The Shaping of a Helpless Joy"
Tortoise (featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy): "Daniel"
Elbow: "The Bones of You"
Icaro: "Munich"
Sasha: "Wavy Gravy"

This is sort of a greatest hits of my favorite songs from the past year.  I'll be doing more of this next weekend.

Also, very importantly, from this point on, I encourage people to call in to the show, (907) 225-9655 or email me at, and tell your story, talk about your favorite Christmas memories, highlights from this past year, lowlights from this past year, shout out to friends, all that stuff... share your Chronicles, regardless if you had yours in a BattleWagon, too.  This has been a very difficult year for many of us, and we can only hope that 2013 brings love, respect, and justice to everyone.