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Saturday, January 2, 2010


In October, I moved indefinitely out of the BattleWagon and into HomeBase, a lovely and spacious apartment off 2nd Avenue and Lincoln Street in the Speer neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. I fear it wasn't too soon a move, as shortly afterward, I had the catastrophic collision with the Subaru Impreza, the vehicle I'm now dubbing "The Kamikaze", although a Kamikaze has traditionally been a suicide-killing, and The Kamikaze Impreza got away from this relatively unscathed... but I digress.

This apartment is a lovely place in a great area of the city. Bus lines flow within yards of the front door. The Mayan Theatre is close by. The SoBo (short for South Broadway) restaurant and bar district is one block away. Senior Burritos, one of the most underestimated Mexican restaurants in the city, is across the street. Dougherty's Pub, an Irish "Cheers" is two blocks away. Everyone already knows my name, and I've been there maybe three times since I've lived here. And, for the sake of medical and munchy emergencies, Walgreens is right across the street, too.

If you're ever in Denver for a few days and would like to go on adventure, while the sleeping in the BattleWagon is postponed
until further notice, you're welcome to swing by here and catch some winks... or suds... or both.

News update on the BattleWagon, since you BattleWagoneers can't get enough of me, the insurance company representing the Kamikaze has taken the van for appraisal. Once they give me a settlement check, the search will be on for a new BattleWagon. It will most likely be a full-size conversion van or an older model Chevy/GMC Suburban. Thanks for reading, and yes, I have dubbed my most loyal readers BattleWagoneers. I'll come up with a cool T-shirt design at some point, don't you worry.

Oh, also, notice in the kitchen picture that I've "re-adopted" a partner in crime. Her name is Harry Dean Stanton. She's one of the sweetest calico kitties I've ever met... provided you don't introduce her to any other animals... then she's angry!