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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

TUESDAY UPDATE: The Pending Move

We've talked, the lady and I, and we're going to try to move into the camper after the first of the new year. That gives us a little bit of time to go through the trailer, fix anything that may need attention, keep everything all good for living in.

We've found a wonderful storage space with a wonderful guy, Bob, who lives on scene. The rates were reasonable, and it's very secure. If you're in Bozeman and need storage, look up Abba Dabba storage.

After we move it, we're looking to move the trailer out to a local mobile home park. Hopefully that will give us the freedom and privacy to start really working on the trailer, tearing out walls and what not.

So that's the news structurally speaking. As far as career-wise, it's a crap shoot. The work at the group home is really rewarding. I really enjoy these kids, they crack me up. But as far as a permanent home, I remain skeptical.

Total side note: today is election day. Please vote, please, please vote. Take your country back.