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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The BattleWagon II, In the flesh!

After my accidents, both with the deer and with the kids from Colorado Springs, I have found myself a new BattleWagon! Without further ado, here it is, ladies and gentlemen: The BattleWagon II!

This is a 1990 Chevrolet G-20 series van with a Starcraft LX conversion. It has a 3-speed automatic transmission with over-drive, a 5.7 Litre V8 (350 cubic inches... my dad always said "there's no substitute for cubic inches). Seating for 7 with seatbelts, and it sleeps two or three comfortably. The hi-top has a place for a TV and DVD/VCR. It also has hookups for a CB. It's basically what I wanted when I lived in the BattleWagon. Now I have a luxurious palace, and I have an equally luxurious travel barge. Moab, here I come!