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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Boom Goes The Dynamite!

We are super busy this fall, humble and fortunate for the opportunities this community has given us. So many people are in need of our services, and we're honored to help!
You know, when you need a diversion from staring at a computer monitor for hours and hours, this view out the front door is pretty damn good.
Lego Iron Man checks out the shop. In the foreground, an old channel six coffee mug (I'd say Bob Ross is indirectly responsible for me doing signs) with a prototype Sign Works decal. The coffee stain is part of a durability test...
The locals will know what this means, and how old this sign is. Thanks to Ken Brandon at BrandonWard Graphics/Box of Bubbles for this and several other classic Salida-area signs!
REALLY looking forward to getting the neon souped up on this bad boy...

Friday, September 4, 2015

Basking in the Afterglow

Tonight was the first night in a long time I've had the time and energy to get my head focused. I had some define catch up housework to take care of. We worked long hours at the shop before the crazy festival that actually exceeded everyone's expectations. We celebrated, and then spent some serious time getting caught up. After all that, my good vibes and energy level running on low, I needed to get some clean clothes put away. Here's our overflow rack above the inside of the dinette bench we kept. Behind it is Malcolm's ladder that's vertical and wrapped with a fleece blanket.
It doesn't take much to organize in here, but you run out of room pretty quickly, so management of time and things gets to be crucial. Here's our replacement use of the space the other half of the dinette took up. The bookshelf, a free find, holds our towels and linens, and the bottom shelf holds the little one's toys and books and puzzles. The bench to the left is our backpack spot. (Backpacks are crucial to Colorado culture... and an excuse for men and women to equally, comfortably carry more than just a wallet.) Our fire safe, a free find from Montana, doubles as a seat, and that Mr. Heater backs up our radiant heater on the chilly mornings. For this of you who camp, this Buddy Heater by Mr. Heater is a damn good investment. Good for use indoors (I always crack a window anyway), and gets a cold rv, big tent, or cabin warm in a hurry. Uses about one portable grill size bottle of propane every 5 or 6 hours. I'll swear by this one.
That's it for now. Tired. Stay tuned, be patient. I love you all.