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Monday, April 26, 2010

Sea-Tac's Main Terminal

This place was huge! The windows curved as if nature was pushing inwards on this large space! This is the main terminal at Seattle-Tacoma International Aiport. Not quite as big or unique as Denver's Jeppeson Terminal, but the windows were enough to get my attention and share them.

Inside a Lonely Corner of Sea-Tac

Airports are airports. I've always loved them for being the hubs of people's best and worst emotions. Today, however, everyone just looks tired, and I'm bored. I wish I had enough foresight and money to find a friend to explore Seattle with. No matter, I will sit here and enjoy my quiet time. Four and a half hours to Ketchikan.

Down Time at Sea-Tac

I landed in Seattle with the daunting mission of killing almost 10 hours in the airport, but fortune smiled upon me and gave me free Wi-Fi in the airport terminal. The result, with a little searching for an electrical outlet, a quick stop at the Burger King, and a few winks of sleep on the floor, is a blogging and picture-downloading extravaganza!

Since I have plenty of time, I have to recap the awesome force of friends and family. I've somehow managed to find all sorts of wonderful, smart, funny, and supportive people in my life, people that, when I tell them I'm moving over two thousand miles away, they still manage to tell me that if I don't do it, they'll kill me. I'm a selfish friend, and many of my friends have hints of this, too. I always thought that if I had a good friend who was moving away for good, that they'd either have to stay or I'd go with them to whatever place they were going. It's interesting to see what it's like when the other foot drops and I'm the one leaving all my friends behind. Who knows if this will be permanent or temporary. It's exciting, and it's about time I created something for myself to write about.

I loaded all of the pictures I've taken onto my laptop, but unfortunately, either the WiFi here at Sea-Tac or the wireless card on my computer, one of the two is failing me at the moment. Maybe they're conspiring. At any rate, I'll have to keep in touch later with pictures of the journey. In the meantime, I'll be running one-offs from my phone. Thanks a bunch!

Denver International Airport

Today, I'm leaving Denver for Alaska, and it's a big deal for me. I'm trekking into the unknown, and because of that, I'll be blogging more and more often. It'll be my only real connection to the familiar. I leave for Seattle here in half an hour or so, and then, onward to Ketchikan. The reality hasn't coompletely sunk in yet, but I'm going to guess that my perception of life in general is so surreal already that this whole experience is just another logical step, just another bend in the river of my life.