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Monday, March 1, 2010

Another Monday

This past weekend I drove most of the way to my friend Todd's house in a little town called Turret, Colorado. I got stuck on the snow-packed roads, and he saved the BattleWagon from a fate worse than death: tickets from the Chaffee County Sheriff. I parked on the side of the road, and he drove the rest of the way to his place, where we caught up, listened to some music, treated some back pain, and burnt some spaghetti on his fireplace. His sanctuary is a beautiful log cabin overlooking the Arkansas River Valley just north of Salida. From what I understand, it's off-grid and self-sustaining. I would love to he able to emulate this in my own life at some point.

Meanwhile, I feel it best to move into the van again at some point. I think I'll shoot for June or July. HomeBase is great, but it has really just inspired me to be lazy lately, and that laziness has kept me from some serious adventures. However, it's great to stay in and eat good food and watch good movies. I did make a red chili that was incredibly delicious. I suppose there are perks, too.
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