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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I cooked a meal tonight.  One can of Ranch Style Beans. One package Uncle Ben's microwave rice. One can Valley Fresh Chicken Breast. Combine and heat over MSR Pocket Rocket camp stove. Delicious! Throw in some dried pineapples and some V8, and you've got yourself a cheap and easy and healthy dinner that touches on every food group. Yay!

So for some reason, I'm choosing to blog about food instead of President Obama's Inaguration today. Truth be told, I'm amazed that we elected him at all, and really damn proud of this country for taking this step forward together. When he speaks, I want to enlist. It's his talk of sacrifice and work that make me proud of my lifestyle choice, to know that working for a better self will allow me to work for a better country, a better society. He's almost like a fictional character that's larger than life. I feel when he speaks like I do when I hear Captain Sisko speak on Star Trek or like I hear Jesus speak in the Bible.

So yeah... my dinner tonight was extra delicious.

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