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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Philosophy in a can (or van)

I lay here, tucked away in a Denver city park, listening to the Valley Highway traffic drown out the flock of geese that just flew over. I just read part of what I understand to be a great, great book about determination and the good things in life. I'm looking forward to reading "Atlas Shrugged" in its entirety. It will undoubtedly keep me company during the cold and lonely nights here in this BattleWagon.

The weather is crisp, but not cold here in the Mile High City. My day was warm, and I heard a rumor that I have a reader on this blog who is a big-time movie guy. Hat's off to him for being the guy who makes the other guys what they are. I admire the gusto of not being so over-absorbed in oneself that one can't appreciate the ideas and projects and doings of other people who are sharing their lives, too.

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