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Thursday, March 22, 2012

PROPHESY: The Invasion

I was back home in Salida, enjoying my brother's company in my parents' front yard. Looking up, suddenly, the sky was full of these large, black, metallic spheres. They were falling towards the ground, hundreds or even thousands of them, twenty or thirty feet in diameter. My brother and I ran into the house, through the front room and the kitchen to the basement door. We bolted down the stairs to take cover, down into the room that was once my bedroom, once my dad's room, the room with the built-in desk and the cinder-block walls and concrete ceiling under the back porch. We saw my dad run by on his way to the furnace room....

....the next thing I can remember, I'm driving some sort of short, 2-door SUV, the kind with a lift kit and the top off. We're in Poncha Springs, and trying to get the gas pumps to work. This station had been abandoned for days. Maybe we could scrounge up some food from inside. I knew I could take the people to the city, to Denver, even though everyone else was fleeing. Despite whatever chaos was invading, I knew we could make it. In this small four-seat truck, there were 7 of us, including my the daughter and newborn granddaughter of my old neighbor back in Alaska.  Only one other group was joining us: some gruff lumberjack-types in an old Jeep Cherokee, but they didn't know the back roads like I did. We watched them as we loaded up our own truck. They forded a small stream nearby and went on their way. When we finally got on one of the county roads heading north, we could see, in the distance, two or three small, purple, metallic craft landing in the distance. They didn't land like an airplane would. Instead, like a bird, when they got close to the ground, they put their "feet" towards the ground in a very animal-like fashion.

I turned left onto a different county road. Fighting the traffic trying to get away from the city was a challenge. Trucks, RVs, cars, even horses were jamming the road against me. One of the horses had gotten loose and was rearing up, repeatedly kicking people with it's front hooves. Once we finally had made it a mile or so, we turned right into a lightly wooded parking lot. There was a small, lively, shocked crowd gathered on the north edge, gasping in some sort of surprise. I approached, and, through the trees, on the distant horizon over the foothills of Denver, I could see it...

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