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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CHRONICLES: The Long Flight Home

Having gleaned some wisdom from my flight to Denver with the little one, I learned some cool tricks. First off, I woke him up when I got up, and did everything I could to keep him alert, awake, entertained, and happy until we got on the plane. He wanted to go to sleep a couple of times, but I just kept rallying. Second, I waited until we got on the plane and ready to start taxiing before I plugged him into the bottle. He went out like a match. Probably sould knock on wood, but this was amazing. Hopefully, the second leg of the trip goes better.

On a side note, it's interesting the people you meet and get a sense for on trips like this. A very kind, young lady wound up next to me and Mal. She and her son/brother (she's what my father would call "of indescriminate age") are flying back to Kenai. She was very friendly, and, coincidentally, her birthday is tomorrow, too, same as Malcolm's and my Aunt Memo's. On the way down, from Seattle to Denver, a young ma sat across the empty seat from me, and, having two daughters 1- and 3- years old, knew a bunch of tricks to help keep Malcolm entertained. That was also pretty rad.

I'm continually finding new people to help me restore my faith in the inherant goodness of humanity. It seems like too often, we find ourselves falling victem to harsh, abrasive, sarcastic, demeaning, and bigotous people, people who lack self confidence and trust. It's always awesome to meet someone new, even if just for a second, a few minutes, or an hour, even if you never get their name and will never see them again, who you will remember for possibly years to come, just because they did one simple thing: possessed kindness.

Here's to faith.

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