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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Transcendental Realism

Sometimes I wonder if I need to get my head examined. I go back and forth so often. Sometimes I am believing in myself so honestly and truly that I cannot be dissuaded from that belief.  The mere thought that I cannot overcome obstacles in my way is funny to me. I am even starting to get anxious as I write this.

Other times, I will be in a deeply reflective mood. I'll be able to sit and write and write about things that may seem trivial but, for whatever reason, impact me so deeply, so very powerfully, that I find myself praying in my head, thanking the omniscent universe in control that my soul happened to be contained in a body that can share so much of it with the outside world.

I often wonder why I go back and forth between these two extremes.  I wonder if anyone else in the world does this. I wonder who is watching the sun set and appreciating all of its glory as I am watching it rise and do the same. I consider my purpose, our purpose, the purpose to life and us living it.

Sunrise is only my part of my day. I may be seeing it from a parking lot, but someone may be watching it set, seeing a similar beauty, a transcendent reality, from their hut in the mountains of eastern Europe or their office in a tower in Dubai. They are strangers, not only sharing a reality with their latitude, but sharing a bigger part of it with me.

I can appreciate how much we are connected, even if we don't typically consider what is on the other side of our rising sun. When we can learn to open our eyes to those kinds of possibilities, we step closer to freeing our souls.

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