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Monday, February 9, 2009

Carry on, my wayward son

I captured this picture of a road less travelled. Where I grew up, it's infamous, known as the road up "Deadhorse Gulch". I'm finding that this picture represents the idea that there are always beautiful places to go, beautiful things to see, but it may not always be a super-highway that leads you there. Chances are, though, if you're looking for the beautiful places, you won't want to be on a highway anyway. You'd miss out.

We go through our lives wondering why we have to go through some of the things we do, and my dad illustrated to me that some of the times when we feel imprisoned, we're actually the most free. Sometimes we are so focused on making sure the car will speed along on the road, we don't realize where the car is. We also don't consider that if we don't focus on keeping the car running, we run the risk of breaking down and getting stuck.

We need to keep moving on this road we are on with diligence and grace, and with the ability to see what's ahead and choose our own path. It seems like it could be complicated, but I suppose it's easier than we lead ourselves to believe.

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