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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Climate Change

While I'm not too scientificly minded when it comes to a great many things, I do happen to be very observant. I have been told I can see things that make people feel as if I've been a good friend of theirs for a long time, an old soul, so to speak.

However, I don't feel like it takes a perceptive individual or scientist to see that it's February 3rd in Colorado, and it was almost 60 degrees today. Where's the snow? Where is the bitter cold? What's going on here?

This trend is (possibly selfishly) disturbing. I say possibly selfishly because, as someone who is not a scientist, I can't begin to tell you what the cause of this change is. One side would say that it is we humans who have polluted our planet to the point of creating our greenhouse. But I also believe in the idea that our planet has rapidly gone through periods of extreme hot and cold all on its own. This being said, I feel selfish in that regardless of how it came to be here, we have the ability to impact this climate change for the better of our own humanity. It could be the first time in history a species (that we know about) has had the technology to save itself from a "natural" phenomenon.

Crazy thoughts from Russell T tonight.

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