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Monday, February 2, 2009

A chilly day with the bro-skee

Bart and I had an incredible Super Bowl Sunday... all the way up until the Steelers scored with less than a minute left, but whatever.

We drove from our parents' place north and into the hills. Bart is as competent a driver as I ever was off road. We explored some of the trail system being built near Salida, Colorado. Then we went to check out some of the access to these massive rock formations in the Browns Canyon Wilderness Study Area. It's closely tied to Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area. We drove up Chinaman Gulch and I got schooled driving. Then we looked at 4-wheeling up Carnage Canyon... yeah... right. The sign said 39s and winches mandatory. There was a creepy old guy there. He said to us, "have you ever been up there?" I said no. He said, "oh, fuck!" and then walked up the rocky trail laughing the whole way.

We get back home to a huge buffet of hot wings, egg rolls, quesadillas, eight types of dip for six kinds of chips and a 24-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.  So far, it was the best Super Bowl Sunday ever (except for XXXII and XXXIII... go Broncos!).

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