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Friday, November 14, 2008


Last night, as I slept, a strange sound woke me up. I was groggy, as it was two in the morning, but it sounded like sand being blown against the van. I thought nothing of it. "Just the wind." I fell back asleep and dreamed that I was in a musical that took place in a cabin, where people kept trying to bring stuff into my cabin, and I was singing to them to take the stuff back. My wife in the musical, I called "deer face". It's funny what we dream about sometimes... but I digress.

I woke up this morning, and looked out my window, and I realized as I slowly gained consiousness that I was looking at snow. I survived my first night of sleep in the snow in the BattleWagon! The accumulation wasn't much. Maybe half an inch on the places where it actually stuck. But still, it was a spectacular feeling. I got up, ate my bagel, got dressed for work, and took off, driving away from the sunrise with a feeling of inspiration.
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