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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Personal Legend

I've been reading books and having some experiences that are leading me to believe in Omens and trust in good friends. I'm starting to believe in a Language of the World.

It's weird to sort of flow through life. I've had instances lately where I consider calling an old friend, and then I recieve an email from him. I've had moments where time seems to just slow down, as if it were giving me the opportunity to really take everything in.

Last night, I left Jenny's and went to my favorite Walmart for parking. I had to get a few groceries anyway, and when I was checking out, I spoke to the cashier. He was talking about Proposition 8 in California and how it passed. He was disappointed. I am, too. It was a crushing blow towards equal rights for everyone. Everyone. I comforted this guy, told him that we were taking baby steps. I told him about my beautiful girlfriend, and how we were all taking baby steps together to fight this bigotry and closed-mindedness that will not allow people who are in love to make a statement officially commemorating that love.

As I walked back to the van with my groceries, I helped an old Asian couple load their groceries into their Mercedes and talked to the gentleman about a guy who asked me for change. Apparently, this man has done this for days on end, and I'm just throwing money away by giving him a dollar. I think in the future, I'm going to start handing out the Denver Voice to the homeless, a newspaper for and by the homeless, that will direct them where to go toget food, shelter, and medical attention.

As I fell asleep last night, I considered my evening. I don't know if they're exactly omens or just a series of interesting events, but I'm starting to fall in line with a belief that God is watching us, not with orders, but with baited breath, as a father watches his son grow and take his first steps. I'm starting to believe in a Language of the World.
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