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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

North Table Mountain

Yesterday, after work, Ryan and I jetted up to North Table Mountain, just northeast of Golden, to hit what we hoped to be a couple of quick routes. It was a very cold day. The high temp didn't break 50. That's alright. There wasn't any wind and the sun was shining bright all day. The temperature was just a hangover from the autumn weekend of drizzle and fog.

We drove up these very hilly Golden streets to the trailhead. Ryan told me that the Access Fund owns and maintains the trail, which is extraordinary to us climbers. A climbing community maintaining a trail for climbers! That's awesome!

I parked, and we started our quick scramble up the hill to the rock. About halfway up, I stopped to snag a quick picture of the Coors brewery. I love Colorado. Mountains and beer. What else do you need, really?

As we got to the rock itself, the sun was already starting to set, and time was limited, so we did one quick route, and then got back to the Wagon before dark. A quick scramble, to be sure, but it was a great time.
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