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Monday, October 13, 2008

The Foggy Adventure

Monkey and I had planned to meet at 9:30, but I was running a little late. There was something so comforting about cozy cuddling and staying in bed that I could have laid there, awake, for hours and hours and not shown a hint of discontent. Sigh... the cold autumn fog was calling, and I had to pick up the phone.

I got to Monkey's around 9:45, and we left for our destination, Mt. Falcon Park, a Jefferson County Open Space. The weather the whole way up was foggy and wet, but no matter. It was still a stellar trip.

We got to the park around 10:30 and began our hike into a creep and surreal wilderness. I say wilderness loosely: I've been here once before and it was very crowded, but this time, the sissies stayed home, and the occasional mountain biker or jogger would appear out of the fog and politely pass us.

Monkey and I checked out the ruins of the old house built up there, and then we walked up to the Eagle Eye viewing station, and the view of a sea of white was very humbling. One could only imagine what it would look like on a clear day. My guess is that you could see all the way to Denver.

We found our way through the fog back to the car, and left around noon for the Bucksnort Saloon. Monkey had spoken about this place before, and now it was time to check it out. We drove through Conifer and down to Shaffer's Crossing, turned left, and went down a very small road towards pine. Six and a half miles later, we happened accross this century year old wood building called the Bucksnort.

This Saloon was a sweet gem of old times. The floor boards were wood and had holes in them. The tables were covered with etched graffiti. The walls had dollar bills and foreign notes stapled to them, all personalized with someone's name or something offensive. The bar was tilted a good ten degrees. The service was charming. A sign hung on the wall that said "If you're in a hurry, go to McDonald's." Then the food came.

I had a burger that tasted as home-made as my dad's burgers. Monkey and I had potato skins with guac, bacon, ground beef, red chili... so good. Chips and beans and a cold beer on a cold day. We ate in a dining room with a fire place in the middle, providing the only heat in this relic of a place.

All in all, a great day, we got back in Denver mid-afternoon. I had a story to tell. Monkey had a full belly. It was a foggy adventure.
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