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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lead climbing in Eldorado Canyon

I took a trip up to Ryan's on Sunday, and the result was little Ryan getting a new set of walkie talkies, me getting a bed built, and leading a climb in Eldorado Canyon. The latter was absolutely amazing. I felt like I had just entered into a new realm of giants, legendary and prolific climbers who lived lives like I'm striving to live for the sake of pushing themselves and their sport (or faith, as they're so often intertwined). It was spectacular. Just amazing.

I'm also very stoked for this opportunity to share so many of these experiences with so many of my friends and family. I'm getting back in touch with people I haven't seen in years. Good times had by all.
If you are interested in my travels, you'd probably like to see my friend Todd's adventures. His site is at He is part of my inspiration for this project, and I owe him a debt of gratitude. My friend, climbing partner, and mentor, Ryan has a blog too. His awesome political blog is here. Todd, Dad, Jenny, and Ryan... you'd get a kick out of this stuff.
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