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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

WEDNESDAY NO SKILLS: I don't work in signs anymore

Weird, but I'd been making signs for almost twelve years. Start to finish, I've been in the trenches, designing, creating, constructing, and installing everything from businesses cards to billboards to vehicle wraps, banners, cop cars... so many great experiences, and so many defeats.

The scene here in Bozeman is lack luster. My first employer here was corrupt. They wanted a production manager, but they weren't expecting a competent one. I found that they weren't paying one of my guys for OT. Didn't last a week after that.

The second place I worked was more honest, but just horrible at everything. One guy owned the place with his wife. They were nice enough, but I was treated like I had no experience. I hated it.

So now, my skill set is put on the shelf, and I'm working overnight at a teenager's group home. I'm the security/data entry guy. Four nights a week. And... I kinda like it. Sigh...

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