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Saturday, February 25, 2012

CHRONICLES: Light Screens

Here in sunny Ketchikan, we've had what seems to be a miracle: moe than three straight days of sunshine! Of course, sunshine is lack of clouds, and lack of clouds is lack of insulation, and that's colder temperatures, so it's been hovering around freezing, but still, it's very much worth it!

I'm going to get outside today, but it will be for working and running errands. The family life includes a trip to the dump, and a shift at work. I would have liked to be pro-active about things, but I'll honor the wife's request to sleep in this morning. Malcolm and I have been up since 6 am, doing what toddlers do with their fathers: he sat on my lap, and we shared a cup of coffee.

I'm hoping to put together a playlist for Monday night sooner than later, too. For the next two weeks, KRBD is doing a music survey, which means that every song I play will have to have album and record label information with it, as well as time (to the second) that I'm playing the songs. It's always fun for me in that compulsive way, another way that I get to exercise my sense of order and discipline and what not. I really do enjoy that part of things.

Malcolm and I will be going to Colorado for a week next month. Just the two of us. On the way back, thanks to a lengthy layover in Seattle, we will have hopes to be going to the Space Needle, and to the infamous Hooters for his birthday. He'll be 2 on March 16th.

Life happens quickly. If you don't take the time to appreciate the small things, you could easily end up stuck watching your sunrises through the screens instead of being out there breathing them in.

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