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Monday, April 5, 2010

Clouds and Medicine

I'm at Rose Medical Center, what's becomming my home away from home and work. My friend Lyss's baby Malcolm is here still, and will be for weeks as they maintain his prematurity until he's big enough and strong enough to be like other babies. It's a funny thing, the life of a tiny infant. I wish I was so lucky in lots of ways: sleep and eat and get someone to clean me up daily... on second thought, that's no life.

Day One at work without Bob. It was interesting. Already, a co-worker remembers getting stoned with the new Production Manager, a guy who has "37 years in set-letter printing" yet managed to ask me what we used vehicle laminate for. (Vehicles.) Apparently the owner of the commpany knows this guy from a bar they both frequent.

I need an adventure. The fact that I look to these miniature outings, like going to the hospital, the grocery store, the video store, the movies, etc., it definitely aids the idea that I don't get out enough.  Oh well. Time to see the little guy. I suppose this is one of the greatest adventures anyone could be a part of, that of a new life. In the past two months, I've been luck enough to see four new babies. Plus, yesterday I found out my friend Kim in Oregon had hers, too.  Apparently, there was a lot of fertile people in 2009.

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