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Monday, February 8, 2010

Light Snow at the HomeBase

Yesterday it snowed lightly here in Denver. I don't think we have more than an inch, but I'm excited as today will be my first opportunity to drive the BW2 in the snow. I think it'll do fine, even though it's over-powered and rear-wheel-drive. It just means I'll have more creative license when it comes to fishtailing and donuts.

Driving in the snow makes me nostalgic for home. I used to work with my friend Todd. After work, in the wintertime, his friend Ben would come by and we'd take off into the woods, into the snow, into the dark. He had a truck almost identical to my own at the time, a 1994 Toyota XCab 4x4. We would drive up until one of us got stuck, and then we would dig each other out and swap leads. One night, we had a few people with us, including my brother, who was maybe 10 at the time, and we drove up to the top of Marshall Pass in a foot of snow. The moon was full, and the snow sat in the pine tree branches as if it were ready to pose for a postcard photo shoot.

I miss those days. I miss Salida. I miss the van life. Still, the city has tremendous opportunities for those willing to make use of them. I think sometimes I question my own intentions a little too much.

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