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Saturday, January 30, 2010

I've Got Georgia On My Mind

Monkey and I got out of Orlando around 4:15 and headed due north. The sun went down, and we lost the gloomy, gray clouds to darkness. We laughed as we drove and danced to techno music to keep us awake. We stopped in Voldosta, Georgia, where we grabbed a bite to eat at Steak N Shake. Monkey offered me $20 to eat 10 sweet peppers, and I got through 4 before he name me laugh. The pepper juice went up my nose, and the challenge ended then and there. We're now on the road again with Macon, Georgia in our sights. It's starting to mist snow a little bit, but this truck is warm, and the Knob and Noster are keeping their souls lit by means of CocaCola, Starbucks, and some classic Pearl Jam.

The picture just proves something even more personal for me:  If you focus on what's behind you, you miss everything around you.

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