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Friday, July 17, 2009

Autotailor Saves The Day!

Last Saturday, I feared the worst. I was driving up a hill, the van lost power, and I was crippled. I called AAA, the tow truck came, and off the BattleWagon went. I had it sent to the Autotailor, off 17th & High Street in Denver, Colorado. Aside from my hometown mechanic, they do the best and most reasonably priced work I've seen here in Denver. They quoted me almost half the cost of what Downing Street Garage quoted me for my door handle. The guys there are super friendly. Normally I wouldn't use my blog to shamelessly plug a business, but this is an unsolicited article, a genuine thank you to the Autotailor.

So there... oh, and I'm in the cockpit now. The view is great.

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