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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sun Sets on a Weekend

As I left Salida and FIBArk and friends and family on Sunday evening, I was captivated by the sunset, so much so that I had to stop and snap a quick picture. One of the things I revisit in my head often is that the end isn't so often a bad thing. You can take that as you may, but I feel like the appropriate analogy is a sunset. When you see a spectacular sunset such as this, even though it's a metaphor for the end of the sunshine and illumination, it's an ending that holds itself in a certain amount of grace. To not acknowledge this is to do a disservice to the inherent beauty of the bigger picture.  The sun may be setting here, but it's already dark in other places. Those who are in the darkness likely remember a sunset, but are in command of their own lives, their own realities.

I believe I had a point, and I think in my philosophical rant, I lost that point. Sigh... the sun set on my thought process. It was a wonderfully long weekend.

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