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Monday, May 25, 2009

The Journal

I started writing in my old journal again this morning. I haven't touched it since January. Trippy!

This past weekend has been so wet and rainy. We're supposed to have more of the same today. I love it. It gives the van a feel like that of a cave, and I feel like an explorer, holed up until the storm blows over. The rain seems to drum gently on the roof, kind of like a mental and spiritual massage. I often say I could live in a place where it constantly rains, but I think it's because I take for granted how much I love the sunlight.

We just got a flyover from an F-18.  It must be the cloud cover, but it feels like that is the third flyover in as many days. Those fighters seem so much louder than jumbo passenger jets.

I need to get at least a pair of tires on the van.  The front-driver side has some pretty vicious tread wear on the inside.  I can already see white.  It's frustrating as I feel like I just replaced the tires. I feel like I'm asking for a blowout.

All in all, though, life in the van is good.  I can't remember a time where I've felt so oddly calm with myself.

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