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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Karma, Destiny, Fate, and Our Own Choices

Lately I've started noticing things slipping through the woodwork of life, little difficulties that appear, like icebergs on the horizon, hiding an enormous and deadly force underneath the surface.

It seems like there are many, many demons in our lives.  We do our best to face them sometimes, and yet, sometimes, we join forces with them to face other demons, demons that we see to be stronger impressions of evil than the ones we enlist to help us.  Sometimes, even, we recruit these demons to help us fight aspects of ourselves.

It's in this case, when the less-desireable part of ourselves is vanquished, that this demon has an intimate hold on a part of what makes us good.  Here we are forfeit.  This is where we can factor in karma, destiny, and fate.

Karma catches up with us, always.  Sometimes it's obvious and we anticipate it's reaction.  Sometimes it's sneaky and we may not even realize why it's here until we're knee deep in it all.  I think we need to accept that, as a matter of balance, we need to be good people and do good works.  I believe there's truth in that when one does good deeds, good deeds are done unto them, but I also think there are many levels of antithesis to this.  For example, when one does a good deed and a bad thing happens or vice versa, this is the karmic balance.  This is how things make us appreciate the good things or acknowledge that there will be bad things.  This is where destiny and fate come in.  They determine where the balance comes in and how it will effect our lives.

We have choices in every reaction to destiny and karma.  Sometimes we make the best decisions we can based on the information we have, but mostly, we skate by, doing what makes us happy or what we think will make us happy, not really considering the effect on the outside world.  We choose.  We survive.  We thrive.  We suffer.  Who are we?  Why do we do the things we do?  It's time to consider the larger whole, imagining that there's something much bigger than we understand.  It's our only chance at happiness, and that happiness, true happiness, may not come until after what we see is said and done.  It may not even be a happiness experienced by us.

Work hard and do the good things at all costs.
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