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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sharing A Fate

Tonight I'm volunteering to host for a few homeless families through a Denver program called Inter-faith Hospitality Network. Churches around the metro area take turns housing and feeding families in need, and I feel compelled to do my part here. In a way, I can relate, but in more ways, I can't. I don't need to be living my lifestyle. I don't need to have my struggles. I choose them. They haven't chosen me.

More and more people seem to have been falling into the grip of desparity from the economic fallout, a fallout from the undereducation of those people who took and gave loans... and now the masses are hurting. We are all hurting, but we all have the power to change it. We have voices, and we have the right to choose. We are tied together, and together, we will survive.

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