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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Battle Slurry

Tonight I think I perfected the Battle Slurry. A while back, I posted a blog about my dinner. Tonight, I tweaked it, and it was delicious. I'm dubbing it "Battle Slurry". Battle... obviously because of where I am. Slurry is a term I first heard my friend Todd use in reference to a big bowl or pot of some random, mixed... unknown... foodstuffs. So for my slurry, I put in a regular (16 oz?) can of black beans with jalapenos in lime sauce, a two-thirds size can of corn with peppers in it, a small can (3 or 4 oz, maybe) of diced green chilis, a small can (tuna sized) of cooked chicken, and one pack of Uncle Ben's long grain wild rice (the already cooked, throw in the microwave back, about the size of a DVD case). Throw it all in a pot and stir it up while you're cooking it so you don't burn it. Serves two. If you're one, save the second half and eat it for dinner tomorrow. For desert: devil squares by little Debbie. Perfecto.

Oh yeah, I checked out Golden Gate Canyon State Park today. I thought of my mom the whole time, as it was nothing but rolling hills and lodgepole pines, snow, and mountain panoramas. She would have loved it.

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