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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Catching Up

This last couple of weeks have been a landslide of work and tooling around and everything else under the sun.

Last weekend, I worked on Saturday and Sunday to catch Bob and me up with our painting job. I got started early in the morning, and I captured some beautiful "city clouds" marking the sunrise of the day to come. I love the sunrise. For some reason, it's like spring to me. It's like a re-birth to face the day, a fresh start. While working, I got to drive this huge International bucket truck. That was fun! I thought maybe I was in over my head, but this thing rode smooth like fine, German sports car.

I also made some stickers and business cards to advertise my website. They're prototypes, and I'm sure some better designs will come in the future, but for now, it'll have to do.

Dan and I found an escape and tore up to Mount Sanitas park just west of Boulder for some, well, bouldering. It was actually a pretty lax day as far as climbing goes. We sent a few problems that we've sent before, tried a couple new ones, and made friends with a couple, the guy from Westminster, the girl from San Francisco, both trying the ultra mega dyno problem that we've had so much fun with in the past. The dude nailed it, but I think the girl was frazzled. No worries, though. Just afterwards, though, Dan and I sent our Sharma-wannabe problem and just hung out on the top of the ridgeline, watching the shadows from the flatirons get longer and longer over boulder as the fall sun set. It was pretty neat. We cracked jokes. I'm sure Ryan would have been annoyed, but we just hung out like a couple of guys. It was a chill day.
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