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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Economic Woes

It's somewhat disturbing what I'm finding at Walmart parking lots accross the city. You would expect to see RVs there with out-of-state license plates, people taking a break from their cross country treks. However, I've noticed five or six vehicles parked in certain lots that have been there continually. They're random cars with people in them, a Ford Explorer, a Chevy Blazer, a Kia... my guess is that these people aren't travellers, and they're not like me. My guess is that these people have been forced to move into their vehicles as a last ditched effort to not fall into homelessness. I suppose they have jobs but had bad loans and lost everything with the mortgage crisis.

I see this, and I see friends getting laid off. I even hear rumors of it where I work. Scary times. Very scary. I'm thankful I don't feel my stomach rumbling, but we can only hope things will improve.
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